Is Calvin really OK about Sasha and Warren?

Calvin confronts Sasha about her relationship with Warren and she is defiant. Sasha tells Warren about her run in with Calvin and is devastated when Warren dumps her. Calvin, however, is desperate to keep Warren onside to carry out his revenge plan and he tells Warren that he’s OK their relationship. But it seems his plan could go awry when Sasha lets slip to Warren that she knows about Nige.

Nancy tries to hide her jealousy when Ravi and Kris arrange a date. Nancy arrives back at the flat to find Kris and Ravi kissing and she tries to act cool about it but it’s obvious she can’t handle the situation. Nancy accepts her limitations and dumps both Ravi and Kris, despite Kris’s desperate plea that he’s in love with her.

Steph suggests to Fernando that they pool resources on a dance school but he knocks her back. Steph is gutted and admits to Tom that she is about to lose everything. Loyal Tom bravely confronts Fernando and has a go at him for hurting Steph. Fernando is impressed and agrees to join forces with Steph after all.

Also, Hannah offers to help Justin fixing up his bike when Ash insinuates she’s too girly to help with his.

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