Tina tells Steph that her ‘friend’ who is having an affair told the guy that she loves him, but he didn’t return the compliment. Steph tells her she knows she’s talking about herself. Meanwhile, Carla admits to Michelle she’s worried that she might be pregnant.

Gary’s fuming as Phelan continues to goad him. Phelan’s smug as he thanks Gary for beating him up – it’s given him the best profit of his life. But when Phelan tells him and Owen to take the newly fitted mill windows out again Gary struggles to contain his anger.

Sophie tells Maddie she’s coming home with her and she can’t be on her own with a broken wrist. Sophie begs Sally to let Maddie stay with them for a few nights and after talking Tim persuades Sally to let Maddie stay.

Also, knowing Dev is unimpressed by his apparent lack of progress, Jason reluctantly calls Tony and asks for his help.