Carla’s exhausted after attending her mum’s funeral alone and seeks comfort through alcohol once again. But suddenly scared of losing control again she calls Peter for help. He’s not happy but sensing her suffering he feels compelled to go see her. As Carla opens up Peter’s moved and comforts her. But at that moment a shocked Leanne walks into the Bistro and finds them together.

When Becky misses the drayman’s delivery and forgets to visit the wholesalers, it’s clear she’s not in control of the pub. Stella shakes her head in exasperation as the customers start to grumble. Becky finally understands that she may not be capable of managing any more and looks to Stella.

When Will texts Izzy about a gig in Liverpool Gary deletes the message before she sees it.

Also, when James reveals the charity have seen a house they’re hoping to buy at auction to turn into a homeless refuge he urges Sophie and Sian to make a big push with fund-raising over the next few weeks. The girls are fully up for the challenge.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Peter and Carla try to explain, Leanne insists they can’t go down this route again, Carla must find someone else to help her. As she drags Peter out of the Bistro he goes for the sake of his marriage, but his worries for Carla remain. Alone, Carla hits the bottle. Peter later sees her in a state, but knowing there’s nothing he can do he urges Frank to step in while she’s vulnerable. As Frank insists on taking her home he vows to rescue Carla from herself.

As Becky lets her hair down with the youngsters in the pub she drives the oldies out. But when the music goes on into the night Ken’s had enough and threatens to call the police, pulling the plug on Becky’s antics.

Stella is in the bookies when a youth with a baseball bat threatens Leanne, demanding she empty the till. Fearless Stella wrestles him to the ground before blasting Peter for leaving Leanne alone in the shop.

Also, Gary hides Izzy’s phone and fails to tell her Will called at the house to sort her ticket for the gig; Sophie convinces Nick to host a charity auction at the Bistro.

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