Is Carla’s pregnancy test positive?

Peter’s worried about Carla but she tells him she’s just upset about her stepdad and he’s anxious when Tina puts pressure on him to tell Carla about their affair. Carla tells Michelle she doesn’t want children and clings to her as she awaits the results of her pregnancy test.

Steve rudely pretends not to have heard when Tony and Liz invite him to Tony’s birthday drinks. Liz pulls Steve up on his rudeness, but Steve digs his heels in.

Sophie questions Maddie about a bottle of vodka, which has been stolen from the corner shop. Maddie denies all knowledge, but Sophie is disappointed when she finds the bottle in Maddie’s bag.

Also, Eileen’s annoyed to see Lloyd and Andrea fawn over each other in the cab office; Fiz is intrigued to hear from Sean that Todd’s got a secret boyfriend and she’s bemused to see a strange cabinet in the cafe which Roy brought down from the flat.