Is Carmella giving in to Ringo?

Charmed by Ringo, Carmella has a moment of weakness and almost lets him kiss her. Later, when Rosie catches Ringo hiding under Carmella’s bed, she assumes his unreciprocated crush has turned him into some kind of stalker, and Frazer threatens to send Ringo home to his parents. Despite Carmella and Ringo’s best efforts to cover the truth, Rosie confronts Carmella, asking her if there’s something going on between her and Ringo. Can Carmella go on lying to her sister?

Zeke continues to grow closer to Tom, believing his grandpa’s version of events over nasty Nurse Ian. It looks like he may be in the wrong when Tom’s confusion spills over into violence, but determined Zeke refuses to quit, and ends up doing some amateur detective work to catch the nasty nurse out.

When Toadie follows through on his threat to run against Steph, she realises that playing him at his own game is her only chance of winning. She hijacks Toadie’s interview with the local paper, and in the acrimonious fall out, they both discover that fiery debate arouses more than just political passions.