Is Carmella pregnant?

Carmella has a dizzy spell and is taken to hospital, where she fears she’s suffering from the after effects of the bus crash. But she is left stunned when the doctor informs her she is pregnant!

Meanwhile, Ringo is devastated by Carmella’s public rejection and refuses Frazer’s offer of help. He ends up making a rash decision to leave Erinsborourgh and return to his family home. Worried about his brother, Frazer decides he will go home too. Jealous of Ringo’s feelings for Carmella, furious Rachel lashes out at her love rival and Susan is left to pick up the pieces.

While Miranda and Susan’s friendship blossoms, Steve is suspicious that Karl is selling him dodgy drugs. Worried for the company and his own reputation Karl confronts his boss, Christian, who insists the company is above reproach. Karl defends himself to Steve, but Steve’s suspicions are confirmed when he has the drugs tested. Later, Karl and Susan are shocked when Steve reveals his findings at their dinner party.

Despite Pepper’s mum’s reservations, Pepper and Adam plan a marriage of convenience at the Registry Office. However, they bottle out at the last moment and prepare to face a long separation.