Is Carmella’s baby OK?

Despite their mutual attraction, Carmella tells Marco that their relationship has to be business only. Marco wants more, but promises not to act on his feelings until she’s ready. Later, Carmella has painful stomach cramps and Marco has to call an ambulance. Is her unborn baby OK?

When Susan challenges Rachel about her disruptive behaviour, Rachel accuses Pepper of having an affair with Ringo. Pepper explains she’s been giving Ringo tutoring, although she does not reveal anything about Ringo’s eating disorder.

Meanwhile, as Rachel prepares to head off to Canberra to attend the Advanced Literature Program, Pepper urges Ringo to stop pushing Rachel away and to tell her how he feels before it’s too late. Ringo races out into the street to catch Karl’s car but, having been let down too many times, Rachel tells Karl to keep driving.

After being caught kissing, Ned and Janae awkwardly attempt to explain the facts of life to Mickey using a cheese and vegemite sandwich metaphor. However, they realise they may not have got the message across when they spot Mickey and Tyler feeding Sally the guinea pig sandwiches in the misguided belief that it will make her have more babies.

Also, Lou worries when Valda has problems with her internet business.