Is Casey a bad influence on Maddy?

Casey secretly starts drinking at work, but when Maddy takes a swig of Casey’s water she realises that he’s been drinking alcohol. Maddy teases Casey and asks if she can have a drink too. Roo comes to collect Maddy and realises that Maddy has been drinking with Casey. After Roo expresses her disappointment, Maddy tells her to back off.

Leah commissions John to move some old boxes, and he decides to sell Leah’s old trash online. Meanwhile, Jett seeks Nina out and suggests they should forgive each other. But Nina regretfully dumps him. Saddened, Jett helps John sort out Leah’s old junk, and they discover VJ’s Pokemon card, the iPhone and sunnies had been sold on the internet by John, so Nina was innocent. Nina accepts VJ’s apology, but she does not accept Jett’s, they’re over.

April is excited about meeting her new mentor at the hospital, Dr Bradley. She sees a woman at the nurses’ station, and she assumes she is a new nurse. Unfortunately for April, the lady reveals she is Dr Peta Bradley. Dr Bradley establishes herself as a hard nut to crack when she punishes April for being late.

The effects of Pippa’s illness are becoming more obvious. Alf admits he did not get the loan approved and asks Sally to move into the house.