It’s a big day for Declan as he prepares for the launch of his new business, so he needs Charity on hand to make sure everything goes to plan. The only trouble is, she seems to have fallen off the face of the earth! What he doesn’t realise is that his girlfriend is otherwise preoccupied… Unable to stomach her breakfast, Charity thinks she may be pregnant so she heads to the nearest chemist for a pregnancy testing kit!

Now that Marlon has decided that he wants to be a part of April’s life, he’s arranged to take his daughter out so they can spend some time together. But when the little girl is nervous about being alone with the dad she’s only just met, her mum tags along too. For Rhona, this only confirms her suspicion that Donna is only back on the scene to get back with Marlon. When Donna says that the only interest she has in Marlon is as a dad for April, will Rhona believe her?

Pollard’s gutted when he discovers Val has spent the night with Ian, but there’s no way he wants his estranged wife to know that. So, to cover his upset, he finds himself asking the couple to have dinner with him!