Is Charlie Cotton all he seems?

*Second Episode*

Dot storms out of the wake after confronting the locals over their true feelings about Nick. Upset and confused, Dot tells Charlie that she wants to go to the crematorium to see Nick’s body. When they arrive, Charlie and Les try to convince Dot not to look. Charlie is relieved when Les says it’s too late, presenting her with an urn. Back in the Square, Dot’s friends apologise and she forgives them. Charlie makes a call to a mystery person to update them on the day.

Sharon tells Phil what she’s planning to call the bar, surprising him. They’re still at odds however over the funeral fiasco, leading Phil to ask Sharon to forgive him. Sharon is still troubled, however, questioning Phil about Shirley.

Peter convinces Lucy to go into business with Lauren. When Max thinks it’s a ludicrous suggestion, Lauren is confused, but Lucy eventually persuades her. Also, Mick persuades Johnny and Linda to make up after their misunderstanding. Cora pushes Patrick too far and he tells her it’s time that she moved out.