Is Charlie really a Cotton?

Carol meets up with Charlie after insisting that he does a DNA test. When Dot catches Carol holding her toothbrush to get her DNA, Carol is forced to explain. Upset by their subterfuge, when Charlie says he’s OK with it, Dot agrees to the test. Carol then heads off for her final hospital appointment and learns her cancer has gone. In shock, Carol doesn’t know how to feel about it, seeking comfort from the hospital Reverend.

Stacey is shocked that Alfie hasn’t said anything to Kat about their money problems, insisting he talk to her. Kat is her usual resilient self, claiming she can return to the stall. Alfie insists on opening the stall for her, but doesn’t bank on Aleks, who won’t budge over lifting Alfie’s ban from the market. Mick suggests to a miserable Alfie he could sell his beloved car to raise some cash.

After their afternoon of passion, Terry and Bianca are at odds, with Terry upset that Bianca didn’t say she loved him back. Bianca is forced to decide where her priorities lie after strong words from Sonia. Telling Terry she loves him, Bianca says she wants to move to Milton Keynes with him!

Also, Max offers Stacey a job at the car lot.