Is Charlie’s job under threat… again?

Marilyn and Zoe both try to persuade Charlie of the benefits of opening a private clinic for minor injuries in the hospital – but Charlie’s having none of it. But the team are forced to pull together after a broken-hearted woman causes a serious road traffic collision (RTC).

Meanwhile, Ruth treats Lol, who has suffered a head injury. His fiancee, Sal, claims he’s ‘possessed’ as his speech has changed and, after working out what’s wrong, Ruth tells the couple to accept his new voice. Ruth is proud of her achievement, and even manages to join in some banter with her colleagues. Is Ruth starting to enjoy life again?

At the end of a tough day, there’s a certain respect between Charlie and Marilyn: she helped out as a nurse and praised the way the staff handled the RTC. But with Charlie refusing to support her idea of a private clinic, her veiled threats about his future still play on his mind…

Adam and Jessica have been sniping at each other all day. At the end of their shift, they agree to stop bickering and work as professionals – but they soon fall into each other’s arms, unable to keep their hands off each other.