Charlotte is nervously pacing her apartment, when she gets a phone call to say Kat has been dealt with. Ash finds Kat lying on the floor and quickly turns off the oven. He rushes her to hospital where they discover she has minor injuries. When Kat comes round, she tells Emerson that Charlotte is responsible.

The police search Charlotte’s apartment. They find nothing to link her to Kat’s attack but take her laptop anyway. Yet, Charlotte has another problem – Ash. He threatens to kill her if she goes near Kat again.

Josh arrives home and considers going to the Summer Bay High Formal after a talk with Andy. However, he changes his mind when he burns his hand cooking and it hits home more than ever – being blind brings life-changing consequences.

The teens pose for photos at the school ball, but Oscar is uncomfortable being around Asia. When the pretty teen confronts Oscar about their kiss, Matt overhears the whole thing. He agrees to keep quiet, but Asia decides to tell Maddy herself.