Is Charlotte after Toadie?

Toadie tells Sonya that he’s been under extra scrutiny from Charlotte at work recently and paranoid Sonya immediately thinks that his boss might be hitting on him. Toadie dismisses the idea but eventually starts to think Sonya might be right, especially when Charlotte arranges a private meeting with him in Charlie’s. Toadie is determined to confront her but Sonya separately works out that Charlotte is actually going to recommend Toadie for a promotion. She races to Charlie’s only to find she’s too late – Charlotte is offended and Toadie’s blown his chance at promotion.

Priya tries to encourage Kate back into teaching and, though she’s unsuccessful, receives a bottle of champagne from Paul as a thank you. Realising he’s misread her intentions, Priya tries to return it but Ajay, unaware of the drinks they shared the previous day, insists she thank Paul by text. Paul, however, has his own interpretation of her words.