Rhys’s pleasure is dampened but Gilly and Cheryl’s engagement news when he realises Gilly wants both him and Josh as joint best men. Having a pint with Leo, Gilly is pole-axed when he offers him his congratulations about becoming a dad! Gilly is calmed by Tom’s outlook on life, however, he’s saddened to hear that they’re moving to Spain.

Zoe continues to film Hannah’s ordeal as Suzanne, Neville and Josh arrive. Thrilled to hear that she’s gained body weight. She feels she’s strong enough to start living again, and is given the all clear to go home.

Cheryl can’t help but tell Steph her news, and Gilly realises their engagement can longer be kept a secret. Steph’s guilt ridden when she peeps at Fernando’s self-penned vows and admits she hasn’t had time to start her own. When Tom grows upset about the move to Spain, Steph attempts to allay his fears but she also has massive doubts.

Also; Elliot’s frustrations towards Sheila grow. She decides to draw him up a schedule which incorporates study time and Sheila time. But he cruelly lashes out. Deciding enough is enough, an upset Sheila admonishes Elliot, telling him exactly what she thinks of him.

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