Is Cheryl tiring of Lynsey?

Lynsey is still suspicious of Silas and can’t shake the uneasy feeling he gives her. But when Silas has heart problems, Cheryl compels Lynsey to help him, it’s her duty as a nurse. But Lynsey is still wary and after spending more time with him she left all the more unnerved by the wily killer.

Still on the run, Bart and Sinead finally face up to the reality of living rough – they’re cold, hungry and penniless, but at least it’s just the two of them. That is… until Jason turns up, ready to be Bart’s knight in shining armour.

Bart is glad to see his friend and has no qualms in accepting his help, but Sinead would’ve rather gone hungry than have Jason hanging around. She is incredibly jealous of Bart and Jason’s past history and keen to keep Bart to herself. So she does all she can to send Jason packing.

Also, Brendan warns a hurt Ste to stay away from his son Declan hoping to keep his sexuality from him and Terry the dog lands Jacqui and Rhys with a hefty vet bill.