Is Chris cheating on Indi?

Irene and Roo are perplexed by the arrival of Robyn, who claims to be Chris’s girlfriend. Later, Chris tells Irene and Roo that he hooked up with Robyn when he was travelling but never made it clear he’d broken it off. Robyn gets a text to meet Chris and he tells her it’s over – however, he lies about having a girlfriend. From a distance, Indi sees Chris embracing Robyn and gets the wrong idea.

Leah is still covering for Hannah and Zac when the police arrive looking for them. Zac and Ricky take Evelyn out camping in an attempt to de-program her and break through her brainwashing. Time is running out – it’s her sixteenth birthday tomorrow and after that it’s out of their hands.

Evelyn shares a warm memory about her father, when Zac reveals her memory is actually of him. When Oscar calls her, wishing her happy birthday, he asks her to tell the police they decided to leave to help Zac avoid being arrested.

Zac broaches the subject of the discovery weekends that happen when the kids turn 16. She reveals that she is scared – she only ever wanted them to be a family. Meanwhile, Murray – the cult leader – shows up at Leah’s house and waits for Zac to return.