Is Chris falling for Indi?

Chris sends Indi text messages, asking to meet up but when Sasha asks Indi what she thinks of Chris, Indi is vague in her response. Later, Chris and Indi meet up for dinner. However, the date is cut short when Indi asks Chris to leave, unimpressed at being asked if they can be friends with ‘benefits’. Later, Chris confesses to Spencer and Sasha that Indi is the reason he came back to the Bay.

Casey returns home from hospital and makes his stance on Kyle and Tamara’s relationship perfectly clear. The situation escalates when Kyle retaliates and things get physical. Tamara feels like her best option is to be alone.

When Roo discovers that Marilyn and John are starting a bus tour business together, she tells Marilyn that this is definitely not the best way to be ‘creating distance between them’. However, Marilyn assures Roo it’s going to be a professional partnership. Roo warns Marilyn that John still isn’t over Gina’s death and she will get hurt.

Bianca confronts Heath’s brothers, telling them that none of them will be invited to the wedding if they keep carrying on the way they are. But as the brothers drive away for Heath’s Buck’s night, Heath is left uneasy as he watches his wife and Zac standing close.