Emma’s a little concerned about Chris who isn’t having any lunch. She later reminds him that she’s heading off for a spa weekend after work and admits she doesn’t want to leave him on his own – he reassures her but, later, it’s obvious he’s in emotional pain. That evening, Chris enters an underground car park. A group of men turn to look at him and it becomes clear he’s here for bare-knuckle fighting… and Chris is up next. A little while later, the place is deserted and Chris lies lifelessly on the floor – is he unconscious?

Rob takes Karen out for dinner and is touched to notice she’s wearing her eternity ring. The conversation is a little awkward when Rob reveals he’s been offered a position in CID, in Leamington Spa – Karen is disappointed that he might be moving and diverts attention when she hears ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ playing in the background. Rob moves the conversation back to the job – does she think he should take it? Karen says it’s up to him and, when he pushes her, she offers her congratulations. Rob is hurt as he reveals he won’t be taking the job.

Also, Mrs Tembe finds herself playing matchmaker, but an escaped prisoner stands in her way.