Is Christine using Heston?

Christine tells Heston she’s going to transfer to a private hospital. Heston doesn’t recommend it but asks when he can see Steven again. Christine tells Heston she thinks Steven just needs to be with his mother for a while. Heston realises that Christine has used him and now she’s going to disappear and never let him see Steven again. She doesn’t deny it and Heston leaves, threatening to tell Steven what his mum’s really like.

Later, Heston slips a present in Christine’s room for Steven. He then returns to the Mill with plane tickets for a trip to Italy with Lily. She’s thrilled and he doesn’t notice she’s been looking at adoption leaflets. Later, Steven opens Heston’s present; it’s a bowtie. As Steven laughs we see Heston alone crying for the boy he has lost again.

Also, a widow, horrified to discover she has Chlamydia, goes on a quest to tell those affected.

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