Is Cindy in danger?

Cindy is touched when Carol offers to help her get ready for the prom with Liam. Reluctantly visiting the Beales after an invite by Bobby, Cindy’s surprised by Ian’s kind comments. She’s soon left fuming, though, when Ian lets slip that Jane is paying Carol to look after her. After angrily confronting Carol and Liam, Cindy storms off to The Albert, asking two men to buy her drinks. Liam is horrified to see Cindy getting into a car with them, telling Ian and Jane, who call the police, as Cindy regrets her decision…

Nancy encourages Lee to open up to Mick about his feelings. Left alone with Mick, Lee tries to talk to him but Mick has his hands full with Ollie and Lady Di. When Lady Di does a runner because Lee’s left the door open, Mick snaps at him. After finding Lady Di and bringing her home, Lee attempts to talk to Mick yet again. Instead, he finds himself supporting a stressed out Mick! Nancy returns and is annoyed that Lee hasn’t talked to Mick, angering Lee, who pushes her.

Stacey is frosty with Martin when he suggests she couldn’t handle having another child. Attending a pregnancy class with Shabnam, Stacey reveals that she’s pregnant. When Shabnam is encouraging, Stacey stands up to Martin, telling him she’s keeping the baby – with or without his support.