Is Connie falling for shallow Cal?

Since becoming clinical lead Connie Beauchamp is determined to make Holby’s emergency department the best the NHS has to offer. And as part of her plan she’s pitted competitive brothers Cal and Ethan against each other, challenging them both to come up with cost-cutting strategies to improve the overworked department.

But while bookworm Ethan has conscientiously been working hard on practical plans to impress his boss, his womanising brother has gone on the charm offensive! 

So far both brothers have failed to impress Connie. But this week, while Cal continues to flirt his way into her good books, Ethan comes up with a fantastic money-saving idea for the ED. Unfortunately he unwittingly leaves his proposal unattended on his laptop in the staff room and devious Cal can’t help but sneak a look!
Knowing a good thing when he sees it, Cal asks Connie out for a drink to talk over ‘his’ economy drive idea. Meanwhile, brother Ethan works late on his proposal to save the ED buckets of money…

Elsewhere, Rita returns to work following the revelations her husband is a child-sex offender and is given a frosty reception from many of her co-workers.

And Zoe is beginning to have doubts about her secret affair with Max!