Is Craig ready to come out?

Although he’s happy that Craig has chosen him over Sarah, John-Paul wonders if Craig is ready to face the outside world and show everyone they’re a couple. He’s worried that Craig finds it easy to play the happy couple when no one is around, but can’t cope with other people around.

Meanwhile, when Darren’s relentless homophobic jibes drives him up the wall, Craig loses it and attempts to punch him, before being held back by John-Paul. Although John-Paul tries to reassure him that Darren will tire of making jokes at their expense, Craig is clearly bothered. Finally, he makes a decision which he thinks is a perfect solution for both him and John-Paul’s future.

Calvin is far from happy that his dad is back, but Sasha is so glad to see Leo that he’s forced to abandon his plan to throw him out. Meanwhile, Danny questions why Calvin is so hard on Leo and convinces him that he’s not a bad person but just a disappointment as a dad. Soon enough, everyone gets used to being with Leo again, but he isn’t too happy with living in chaos…