When the venue for Daniel’s promotional event is double booked, he asks old flame – and gambling pal – Ellie if he can use her cafe for it. With Ellie’s landlord Leigh on her back for overdue rent, Ellie says yes but insists on the money up front. Daniel gives it to Ellie, who ends up at the casino.

Daniel rings Ellie and, hearing roulette in the background, rushes over to find she’s lost over half his money. When Ellie returns with a drink, Daniel’s gambled and lost! How can Ellie pay her rent? Daniel goes to take money from the Mill’s account, Ellie begs him not to; think of Zara and Joe.

Back at the cafe, Leigh’s changed the locks. Daniel pulls a wad of cash out of his pocket and gives most of it to Leigh. He didn’t gamble the money. Ellie’s grateful and gets to work organising Daniel’s promotional party.

Meanwhile, Zara tells patient Ruby her cancer is terminal. Later, Zara sees an expensive handbag in a magazine and phones a store asking them to hold it. Joe holds her up then, when she arrives, smarmy Andy has bought the bag.

Zara tries to convince Andy to buy a gold necklace instead but he refuses. She follows Andy to a bar, where Andy naively leaves her alone with the bag. When he returns, Zara’s gone and the gold necklace has replaced the bag.

Zara returns to The Mill with the new bag. Ruby admires Zara’s bag and tells her grandson it’s the one she liked. Her grandson is Andy! Guilty, Zara gives Ruby the bag claiming Andy asked her to get it for him. Ruby is thrilled.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s event has been a success. Zara arrives and she and Daniel end the day gently dancing with their baby boy.