Is Daniel going soft?

Daniel worries that Zara is suffering side effects from the IVF drugs – but Zara insists she’s fine and doesn’t want anyone at work to know she’s having treatment. Daniel asks how she’s getting on with Freya and Zara says he’s just the kind of person she wouldn’t be able to stand. Daniel jokingly takes offence and then goes out of his way to prove Zara wrong.

Later, Zara and Freya catch Daniel reading Freya’s feminist blog and wind him up. But they’re touched by his concern for the kind of world his daughter will grow up in.

At the police station, Jimmi asks Rob to help with the Eva situation, but Rob doesn’t want to get involved. As Jimmi considers what to do, Cherry calls with some news about viewings. Feeling himself getting stressed, Jimmi pleads with Rob to help and, reluctantly, Rob agrees to look into it.

Also, Rob discovers the extreme lengths a young immigrant girl will go to, to stay in England.

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