Is Darren finally over Nancy?

It’s Darren and Nancy’s two-year wedding anniversary. Nancy tells her estranged husband that one of them needs to move out of The Dog and Darren takes the bullet. Alone on Valentine’s day, Darren is chuffed when Sandy, Jason and Lindsey bring him dinner. After they’ve eaten, Sandy and Jason leave but Lindsey decides to stay – a connection evident between her and Darren…

Carmel’s bitter feelings towards Jim spill out at his funeral and she flees the service. Sonny finds her and is surprised when Carmel kisses him. Later, at the McQueen’s, he kisses her back and tells her they can take this one day at a time.

After promising Sienna that he’d find Sophie, Dodger hasn’t had any luck and worries how he’s going to tell his sister.

Also, Mercedes is left dumbstruck as a source close to Dr Browning determines to uncover the truth behind his death; Grace’s suspicions grow.