Is David a father? (VIDEO)

Kylie watches as David introduces Max to baby Lily, full of love for her family. David begs Tina not to make him confess and suggests that when Nick comes round they’ll do a deal; Nick can keep quiet about the car crash and David about the baby. Will Tina agree? Meanwhil,e Gail urges Kylie to have Lily’s DNA tested so she can be sure who the father is.

Chesney apologises to Katy for spending the night on the sofa, making out he was just tired. Katy asks him to come home early as she’s planning a romantic meal. Dreading dinner alone with Katy, Ches invites Tyrone and Fiz along. But Katy soon realises that Chesney can’t face being alone with her.

With Nick still in a coma Stella wonders whether she should cancel the wedding. Karl’s annoyed as he and best man, Tez, set about getting into the spirit of things.

Also, Sally’s embarrassed when she bumps into Tim, aware of her performance at the barbeque. Will Tim still be interested after seeing Sally in a different light?