Sarah is miffed as David continues to suck up to Stephen and she wonders what her brother is up to this time. Stephen is fooled by David’s claim that no one in Weatherfield understands him and all he needs is for someone to give him the time of day. Stephen tells a hopeful Gail that all David needs is for someone to give him a chance.

Jim is convinced into going to the Rovers for a drink by Bill, who persuades him that one drink can’t hurt. Liz is furious when she sees Jim in the pub, despite his promises and when some rowdy lads come into the pub she worries that her ex will kick off. But Jim seems to be a changed man and he even keeps his cool when he gets a drink spilled over him. Liz tells Jim that she is willing to try to get on for Steve and Amy’s sake.

Steve is uncomfortable when Liz comes to the same conclusion as him about the stalker’s claims and he confronts Michelle again about whether she had a fling behind Dean’s back. Michelle denies it furiously and Steve backs down but he suggests she tell Ryan what’s going on. Michelle is unsure.