Denise reads her article in the Walford Gazette with Kush. The Albert Square residents are shocked by her strong comments. In the Minute Mart, Keegan turns up, determined to cause trouble. When he starts on Denise, Kush comes into the shop to diffuse the situation, sending Keegan and Shakil on their way. Denise’s interview with the Gazette comes back to haunt her when the local area manager calls, wanting to talk over her comments about the Minute Mart.

Mick is hopeful that his recent run of bad luck is at an end when repairs start on The Vic ceiling. He’s also relieved when he tells the police that Babe has done a runner, realising he’ll have less of a fine to pay. However, Mick’s good mood doesn’t last for long…

Also, Jane is worried about Dot and Ian’s health problems, but comes up with an idea. Keegan vows revenge on Bex for her recent actions.