Denise agrees to let Shabnam go to a ‘dentist appointment’, not realising that Shabnam has an interview at a pharmacy. Excited to be offered the job, Shabnam heads to Denise’s house to break the news she’ll be quitting the Minute Mart. When Shabnam arrives, she’s shocked by the mess and chaos. Realising Denise is struggling to cope as it is, Shabnam decides to turn down the job.

Phil is shaken when he walks in on Jay and Abi packing up Jay’s things for their imminent move to Bolton. Already feeling vulnerable, when Shirley tells Phil that Sharon is making a fool of him, her words sink in. Finding Shirley, Phil tells her he wants to be with her and they kiss… but someone is watching…

The Moon house is in ruins after the fire and explosion, which seems to have been caused by Mo’s hairspray. Struggling with his guilt, Alfie is on edge when a fire investigations officer approaches, but he’s commended on his bravery. When the locals arrange a collection, it’s too much for Alfie, who snaps. Mick tells Alfie to visit Kat. At the hospital, Alfie tries to tell the truth but is stopped by a sobbing Kat, who thanks him for saving her life.

Also, a distraught Tosh loses the baby.