Paige is convinced Joey Dimato will return for retribution, but when she voices her concerns to Brennan he dismisses her. Amber commends Paige for trying to get through to him but later they are shocked to discover Paige’s boxing bag has been ripped to shreds with a pair of garden shears.

Naomi knows her mother’s behaviour is uncharacteristic and despite being at odds with Paul, Naomi embarks on extracting the information from Jimmy himself. Confronted by Amy, Paul and Naomi, Sheila lies and Jimmy supports the ruse by offering a half-truth. Paul and Naomi dig further, why did Sheila omit the blackmailing from the tale, and just what is her big secret? But Sheila covers, knowing how damaging it could be to her relationship with Naomi.

Josh takes his frustrations out at the gym and discovers Aaron is also down on his luck in work. Impulsively, he suggests he teams up with Aaron to form a dance troupe but he fails to impress with his dance moves.