Is Dixie being taken for a ride?

Next of Kin star William Gaunt guest stars in this week’s Casualty as elderly patient Malcolm. Paramedics Jeff and Dixie suspect him of using their ambulance as a taxi service, as each time they bring him to the ED several he immediately announces he’s feeling better and disappears!

They suspect he only calls them when he needs to go to the shops. But when Malcolm stows away in their ambulance for a lift home, Dixie realises the old man is genuinely in a lot of a pain.

Meanwhile, the emergency department is hit by a furious family war after eight-year-old Tyreece is injured after a revenge attack on his home.

A long-standing family feud kicks off when the injured youngster gets to hospital. Tyreece’s angry mother Denise demands ‘justice’ as she storms the waiting room. Lenny and Scarlet try to calm her down, but she soon calls her gang contacts and arranges a counter revenge attack…

On a more personal note, Lenny receives an upsetting letter from Pakistan – former love-interest Mads is engaged to be married.

Meanwhile Dixie returns Malcolm to hospital so that Lenny can finish his tests. And once Malcolm’s diagnosed and treated Dixie drives him home – of her own free will!