Is Donna’s diagnosis out in the open?

*First episode*

As Donna returns to the hospital for another appointment, she’s left reeling when the doctor suggests she may only have between six and 12 months to live. Although she knew her illness was terminal, she thought she might have a few years of life left. As she wanders out of the oncology department in a daze, she bumps into Rhona – who’s at the hospital to take Leo to see his speech therapist – and in her distress reveals her devastating prognosis!

When ladies’ man Tiny turns up at the cafe with his usual delivery of bread, he’s intrigued to discover Val is no longer with Pollard so he decides to chat her up. Val enjoys the attention and agrees to go on a date with Tiny – and the pair are clocked by Pollard…

Kerry’s keen to get married to Dan, but as the factory girls point out – there’s no sign of a proposal from her boyfriend. Later, when Kerry lays it on thick as she hints that she wants to get wed, Dan quickly gets the message and makes his excuses to leave. It looks like Dan isn’t quite so keen to talk about weddings as Kerry!