DS Max Carter watches with DCs Grace Dasari and Jacob Banks as suspected drug dealer Alan Kirby hands a parcel to a young hoodie. As the officers approach the pair, Alan is cuffed as he tries to flee, while Banksy and Max chase after the hoodie, who jumps into a car with a female passenger. Pcs Millie Brown and Mel Ryder are alerted to the stolen vehicle and pursue it in the patrol car.

But as an eager Mel takes a sharp turn, a cyclist pulls out and falls in front of the car. The officers soon discover that the suspect has crashed his vehicle, leaving the badly injured passenger behind, but Max and Banksy catch up with him at a bail hostel. Once inside, they are puzzled to find three suspects: Ronnie Mason, Josef Altin and Douane Howe.

As Banksy quizzes the hostel warden, Anne Cummings, and Pc Beth Green and Mel find the suspects discarded clothes, DI Samantha Nixon tells the team that the hoodie Alan met earlier is facing serious charges after stealing a car and leaving a young woman badly injured. All three suspects from the hostel are brought into the station and different tactics are used to interview them.

But while Ronnie and Peter seem confident and provide alibis, Douane is tense and nervous, and later confesses to being Alan’s drug runner and stealing the car. But Grace is certain he’s lying…