Convinced his neighbour, Parslow, has poisoned his beloved dog, Harold Beecham smashes Parslow’s van in anger. Pc Younger promptly arrives at the scene and arrests Harold who’s refusing to cooperate. When Harold complains of back pain, Younger gives him one of Ventress’s pills. Next morning, Pc Bellamy is shocked to find Harold dead. What has Younger given him?

Younger is terrified to learn that Harold died from poisoning and DS Dawson warns Miller that this reflects very badly on his station. But then Walker remembers that Harold’s dog was poisoned and suggests they dig him up. Will the exhumation shed light on Harold’s death?

Elsewhere, Carol expresses concern when she discovers that new village ‘doctor’ Stephen Lansbury is treating the locals with his herbal remedies. In the pub, Carol voices her concerns to Walker, who instantly suspects that Stephen could be responsible for Harold’s poisoning.

When Stephen admits to treating Harold, Walker warns him that he’ll be in hot water if the post-mortem confirms that his medication killed him. Carol then tells the police what she knows and they arrive at Stephen’s house to find him out cold having drugged himself. Will they be able to save the young doc?

Also, there’s excitement in Aidensfield when Tristram Johnstone, a researcher for the Radio 4 programme ‘Down Your Way’, checks into the B&B.