Is drama therapy what Niamh needs?

Niamh’s dismayed that Howard has signed her up for a dramatherapy taster session, where play and imagination are used to access emotions. But she surprises herself when she finds she really enjoys the session – especially pretending to be a tree – and clicks with another participant, Oliver, a clinical psychologist. One woman, Alison, is disruptive in the class and strangely possessive over the group leader, Doug, who used to be an actor.

The class has been asked to bring a meaningful object, and Alison’s brought a pendant given at her birth by her father to her mother, before he disappeared from their lives forever. Doug recognises the pendant – he is Alison’s father! – and he collapses. As he recovers in hospital, Alison visits and reveals that her mother killed herself, and that she’s always felt abandoned and rejected by her absent father. Can Alison and Doug rebuild their relationship?

Meanwhile, in the busy hospital corridor, Oliver asks Niamh on a date, much to her surprise and delight!

Also, Jimmi questions his skills when he misreads a case of domestic abuse at the police station.