Is Dylan alive?

Harry, Zack, Cleo, Holly and Jason all get out of the car and stare at unconscious Dylan, and Zack reveals the car is stolen. The others hide in the Roscoes’ garage with the car, while Jason lies to the police that he found Dylan unconscious. When Patrick hears the news, he panics that the police will find the gun in his boot. He suggests that he and Theresa go on holiday but Sienna is suspicious about why they’re so keen to escape…

Meanwhile, Kim looks after Dylan at hospital and is confused when she finds Sienna’s silky top underneath his clothes. When Nico finds the camisole, she thinks he’s been seeing someone else behind her back.

As Jason goes back to the garage and finishes cleaning up the car, he’s alarmed when he discovers the gun in the boot and calls Joe, who tells him about Phoebe. Elsewhere, Harry rushes to get the stolen exam papers to Kyle, but he’s too late – the CCTV footage has already been sent to Cleo.

Also, Lindsey refuses to be thrown out of her home by Simone and Louis and makes their big move difficult. Freddie tells Lindsey he’s found somewhere else for them to live and takes her back to the Roscoes’! Fortunately, Joe offers to move out so they can live there with JJ.