Mandy sees Chris wincing in pain and is told he came off his bike and has bandaged himself up. Mandy’s suggesting he sees chiropractor just in case when Emma turns up, so Mandy leaves them to talk. Emma goes to hug Chris and, when feels the bandage through his clothes, she questions him but Chris is relieved when Howard turns up and he doesn’t have to answer any of her questions.

Chris is alarmed when Emma says she knows he’s punishing himself but then realises she’s talking about overdoing the cycling. Chris says he’s just re-living how he and Sam would train together and is pushing himself to the limit – and hastily adds he’s booked an appointment with a chiropractor. Emma says she can help him if he lets her but all she can do is watch as Chris walks away in pain.

Meanwhile, Rob is avoiding Karen’s phone calls after yesterday’s visit from Aunty Ag but then suggests they go to the Icon for lunch. Karen wants to know what Aunty Ag meant when she mentioned ‘troubles’ in their marriage? Eventually, Rob tells her she got pregnant in her forties and they decided on an abortion. Karen’s shocked but then has a memory from that time – she remembers Rob made her have the abortion!

Rob explains it was impractical for them to have another child, with Jack and Immie in their teens, but Karen won’t have it. Rob tells her to grow up but Karen storms out refusing to hear his side of the story. Rob declares he can’t do this anymore and walks away.

Also, Al gets personally involved in the strange dynamic between an arthritic pianist, a blind piano tuner and a landlady who can’t play because of a hand injury.