Is Emma’s life in danger?

A drug addict puts Emma's life in jeopardy...

Emma’s out on her home visits and her first call is to the house of a woman called Louise, who happens to be a heavy drug user. Emma finds Louise passed out in a room full of smoke. Emma calls for an ambulance, but it doesn’t take long before the smoke fumes affect her. She calls The Mill for help and slurs her words to Karen on the phone. There’s only Ayesha at The Mill but she’s forced to be professional and go to Emma. Will Ayesha get there in time to save Emma and Louise?

Also, Heston returns back to work after his angina attack. Ruhma is not happy that her husband refuses to take adequate rest, but Heston won’t listen. When he gets back to his office, Heston is irritated by Ben’s fussing and agrees to go home… after he has finished his paperwork!