Is Essie ready to play stepmum?

Essie and Sacha’s relationship has certainly had its ups and downs and it looks like there’s trouble in paradise once more, this week, as Sacha invites Essie to meet his three children. Essie confides her fears in colleague Dominic but, when she tries to get out of the meeting by lying to Sacha that she’s already arranged to see an old friend, Dom jokingly tries to stir up trouble and doesn’t exactly give her the support she needs.

Eventually, Essie comes clean to Sacha about having had reservations about meeting his kids, but says she wants them all to go bowling the next night. Can Essie and the Levys become one big happy family?

Meanwhile, being back at Holby, a place that holds so many memories of his late wife Tara, Oliver struggles to function properly as a surgeon in the operating theatre where she died. Elliot’s put his reputation on the line to back Ollie’s return, so when Ollie makes a mistake, which forces a patient to endure their second major surgery of the day, Elliot warns Ollie he must do better!

Later, Holby CEO Hanssen makes Ollie realise he should focus on his future. But will Elliot be willing to give him a second chance?

Also, Raf finally unravels the mystery behind Lucy’s injuries. But will he be able to protect her now that he knows the awful truth?