Is Ethan three-timing Theresa?

Theresa grows suspicious of Ethan and her concerns are confirmed when she finds a love note in his new car, that Liberty gave him earlier in the week. Ethan tries to get out of it by saying it’s a new car so it must be the previous owner’s, but Theresa’s not convinced and asks Dodger to help her investigate.

Theresa and Dodger follow Ethan’s car and Theresa get the shock of her life when she spots him meeting a beautiful mystery blonde – but it’s not Liberty. Ethan is in fact three-timing the pair and is also seeing Rae.

It’s clear that finding a cheap flat is not as easy as Nancy and Darren had hoped, so Darren tries to persuade Nancy that they should move into the Osbornes.

Nancy’s not sure – her relationship with Frankie is still fragile, but when Mitzeee supplies Darren with a month’s rent and deposit, Nancy realises they have little choice.

Also; Sinead begs Will to help her meet Bart in secret away from Diane’s disapproving eyes.

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