Anita’s happy she and Eva are becoming firm friends but it doesn’t take long for Ravi to work out they blew his money on clothes. Eva decides not to open up her stall, as she wants to spend more time with Anita, but is this all part of a bigger plan.

Steph sees a bruise on Loretta’s arm and struggles to convince Frankie that Jake has become obsessed with her. Loretta finds Jake, and, now he’s feeling isolated, hopes he will come back to her. Jake realises what Loretta’s trying to do and tells Frankie and Steph he’s being set up. They confront him with the defaced photographs and Jake realises his own family think he’s gone mad.

Jem’s talked into going for a drink at The Dog with Ravi. She makes no effort to hide her animosity towards Carl and still thinks they moved to Hollyoaks to track her down. Jem’s so convinced, even Heidi starts to have doubts about Carl’s intentions.

Also; Darren and Duncan are unimpressed with Rhys’s flat rules. Duncan gets treated like a slave and Rhys holds the threat of eviction over Darren at all times. Although Duncan does realise walking Barry the Dog gets him loads of attention from girls.

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