Is Eve in trouble?

Will Eve be conned out of her money?

Al’s mum, Eve, offers George some lunch as he double-checks her windows. Eve lets slip that she’s financially comfortable even as a widow and especially with Al being a doctor. After eating lunch, George takes a look at the windows and tells Eve that they are seriously damaged and he needs £1,000 upfront to start the repair process. Is Eve about to be conned out of her money?

Meanwhile, Ben needs to talk to Valerie. Valerie gets excited by the prospect of talking to Ben, as she thinks he’s coming to her for advice, so she’s left embarrassed when Ben explains he just wants her to attend a PPG meeting. Valerie decides it’s time to talk to Jimmi and get his advice on her life. Valerie tells Jimmi she’s nervous about the PPG meeting as she will see her ex-boyfriend Ashley there and she’s keen to avoid him. Will Jimmi be able to help Valerie and can he convince her to attend the PPG meeting?