When Evelyn tells Maddy she had unprotected sex with Tank, Maddy quickly takes her friend to get the morning after pill. In The Diner, Tank meets Oscar and as the boys talk, Oscar isn’t convinced that Tank’s intentions are genuine.

Tank continues to wrap Evelyn round his little finger and tells Evelyn he would have taken her to get the morning after pill. The loved up pair head home, but they don’t stay for long, as Tank wants Evelyn to meet his friends, a group of rowdy drunken men.

Marilyn continues to lie about her memory and Irene suggests that they have lunch with John and Leah. But Marilyn breaks down and eventually confesses she lying, leaving John heartbroken again. When Marilyn goes home, she starts meditating but has no idea why. Irene, though, says it’s a great sign – she’s remembering things!