Is everything lost for Miles?

Miles is shocked when he learns he will have to convince the powers that be that he’s fit to teach. Gina tells him that it’ll be OK, but Miles isn’t so sure, and the thought of losing his opportunity to teach starts to weigh on his mind. At the hearing, the committee head goes after Miles. Is everything lost?

John quizzes Tony over their boxing match, but Rachel annoys Tony by telling him that it’s not going to happen. John can’t resist ribbing him about it later, which becomes too much for Tony, who then schedules the match.

Rachel is against it, but Tony insists he needs to get it out of his system. Gina thinks it might be good for them, but Rachel can’t agree – she thinks it’s crazy, and she can’t support it. She persuades Tony to cancel the match, but in the face of John’s taunts, he can’t back down, and so tells him the fight’s on.

Romeo devises a plan to help Miles, but he needs Nicole’s assistance. Wanting a distraction from thoughts of Aden, she agrees. Alf and Marilyn are concerned the kids are doing something that will be detrimental to Miles’s case, but Romeo tries to assure them that they’re not.

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