Is Faye pregnant?

Owen warns Linda to stay away, but she insists she’s a right to know her own daughters and won’t give up without a fight. But back at home Owen tells Izzy and Katy that he’s sent Linda packing and she won’t be bothering them again. Meanwhile, Faye confides in Craig that despite putting herself on a diet, she’s still gaining weight. Craig wonders if she’s pregnant and horrified by the thought Faye takes a pregnancy test. She’s shocked to the core when the test proves positive!

Dev prepares for his trip,and  Julie and Mary fuss over him. Mary’s unimpressed to hear that Julie will be moving into No 7 and Sophie’s even less impressed when Julie calls in the shop and explains that in Dev’s absence, she’s now her boss. Sophie and Mary complain to Dev about Julie and he tries to smooth things over before he leaves.

Steve reveals to Liz that he’s planning to cook a lovely meal for Michelle.

Tony shows Eva some more property details of potential flats for her and Jason. David continues to search the missing persons websites in a desperate attempt to find Kylie.