Is Fiz still in love with John?

Fiz decides to support John on the day of his court case. Kirk and Julie are horrified that that she wants anything to do with him, but Fiz is determined to go. At court, John is touched to see that she has turned up and in a heartfelt submission he tells the judge that he deeply regrets abducting Rosie and hurting Fiz. As the judge prepares to pass sentence Fiz waits anxiously to see how long John will go down for.

Becky assures Jason that it is him she wants to be with and that she and Steve are history. Meanwhile, a bitter and angry Michelle packs her bags and moves out of the Rovers and into Maria’s. In the street, she bumps into Becky and Jason and can’t resist letting rip at the woman she considered a friend.

Gary continues to wind up David by flirting with Tina. Gary comments about a consignment of copper piping that Joe and Bill are unloading and Joe sees red and warns him to stay away from Tina. But it seems Gary might be more interested in the copper piping than Joe’s daughter.

Also, Maria is back from her trip and she is confronted by Tony who wants to know if she is feeling any ‘better’.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Audrey discovers that Joe is working as a labourer for Bill and decides that Gail ought to know that he is lying about his business. A worried Gail questions Joe about what has happened to his kitchen-fitting business, but she is stunned when Joe goes ballistic and accuses her of interfering. Gail is taken aback as it’s a side of Joe she has not really seen before.

Gary has taken no notice of Joe’s warning and continues to try and woo Tina, while at the same time planning to rob the builders’ yard with his Uncle Len. A suspicious David watches them drive away from the yard, convinced they have been up to something.

Fiz tells Julie and Kirk about John’s sentence and a concerned Julie warns Fiz that if she visits John in prison he will expect her to be there waiting for him when he comes out. The Websters, however, are thrilled that John has been sent down and celebrate in the Rovers.

Also, Steve begs Becky to give him another chance, but she insists that she is happy with Jason.

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