Is Freddie jealous of Darren?

Lindsey does the walk of shame from Darren’s flat, but insists they just sat up talking last night. Later, she meets Darren at the coffee shop and he introduces her to a private investigator to find Joe. Freddie sees Lindsey and Darren together and is jealous of their closeness.

Darren is worried when he receives confirmation of Oscar’s operation for a cochlear implant and wonders how to tell Nancy. It’s a tender moment when Nancy tells Darren she’s happy for their baby to have the operation, as long as he’s there to support her through it. Darren goes to the garage to get his car fixed. When Freddie refuses to fix it and Darren slides under the car to do it himself, he gets stuck and Freddie vengefully leaves him there.

Fraser attempts to close Tegan down when she asks when he’s going to tell Sandy about them. Jason has seen their exchange and tells his mum.

Vincent gets a call about a job… but it’s in London!