Is Garry dead?

Darren deletes Garry‘s answerphone message as he doesn’t want Dawn upset. Meanwhile, Dawn is approached by a guy claiming to be a model scout and she’s excited when he arranges to take some photos. Minty is horrified when the police visit to tell him that the car Garry was driving has been found abandoned by the cliffs near Dover and they suspect that he may have committed suicide…

Heather heads to R&R on a mission to bag herself a bloke and she can’t believe her luck when a sexy guy called Eddie flirts with her. Heather is about to go off with Eddie when Dawn can’t bear the deception any longer and tells Heather that Shirley booked an escort for her. Heather is devastated, but Shirley is stunned when the real escort comes up to her and wants paying and it seems that Heather really did pull!

Whitney apologises to Ricky for trying to kiss him and he feels awkward. Bianca decides to go ahead with the DNA test and she and Ricky get a swab from Tiffany’s mouth. Ricky tells Bianca that he adores Tiffany and would love to be her dad, but he realises that if he is it will change everything.

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