Is Garry getting hitched?

Garry is behaving strangely and stares at what looks like a boxed wedding ring, then later dons a suit and pulls up outside a register office. After taking a quick call on his mobile he’s joined by a woman in a cowgirl wedding outfit. She tells him that he’s made her the happiest woman in the world.

Meanwhile, Minty and Naomi are worried when Garry goes missing just as they’re about to sign the mortgage deal and when Mo reveals that Lynn has got engaged, they worry he’s gone off the rails. Naomi discovers an empty ring box in Garry’s room and a stunned Naomi and Minty wonder if Garry is secretly getting wed!

Also, Dot and Jim struggle to look after a demanding Tomas and when Dot finds a flyer for a ‘gentleman’s club’ in Tomas’s bag she encourages Jim to go and hunt for the baby’s mother. Jim finds himself in a sticky situation at the club when he’s forced into handing over £112 for the privilege of being there.

Meanwhile, Dot is shocked when Tomas’s mum Anya turns up and is furious that Dot took the baby from the church. Dot convinces Anya to come inside.

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